Updated Assignment Service Guide and Business Conduct Code

Friday June 25, 2021

Getty Images has updated the Assignment Services Guide which applies to you pursuant to your respective Getty Images Content Services Agreement, Getty Images Ancillary Services Agreement or Photography for Global Assignments with Getty Images. Please review all the terms in the updated Assignment Services Guide as you are subject to these terms as provided in your Contractor Agreements. Any services you provide under a Contractor Agreement after the date of this notice will be subject to these updated terms. If you do not or cannot accept the terms, you will not be entitled to provide services to Getty Images. As a reminder, Getty Images expects its contractors to share its commitment to providing an environment where any people working to create content or on a shoot—including your employees, editors, and models—are treated fairly, feel respected and valued and experience working environments free of unlawful discrimination or harassment, including on the basis of race. Thank you for your support in being accountable, along with us, to these standards of professional behavior. If you have any questions, please contact your assigning editor or contact at Getty Images. Read the full document