Getty Images policy on unauthorized use (updated)

Getty Images considers the subject of copyright protection of the utmost importance and has a range of measures to deal with the issue. We are committed to enforcing copyright laws and ensuring that both our company and our contributors are compensated for their work. When circumstances warrant it, we will aggressively pursue deliberate and systematic infringers. Our aim is to avoid legal action but we will not hesitate to use it when appropriate and seek damages. We believe that this approach not only protects the rights of our contributors and Getty Images but also provides a significant deterrent to other infringers and is consistent with our broad copyright advocacy work. When infringements are unintentional our policy is to turn infringements into licenses and infringers into customers. The process we use focuses on education, informing the client about what copyright is and where they went wrong. We also know that it is not always possible to determine whether licences are authorised or not without extensive research, for example with royalty free licences where the customer licensing the imagery may not be the end user. This is why we are not able to investigate every potential unauthorized use and our work is now increasingly focused on cases that are likely to produce a return of value to us and our contributors. We welcome and encourage any information about suspected infringements to contact us and we will deal with it in the strictest of confidence. If you have a working relationship with Getty Images, we recommend contacting us via the usual channels.