Getty Images Global Freelancer Expense Reimbursement Policy

Wednesday January 13, 2021
General Overview The Global Freelancer Expense Reimbursement Policy defines the criteria for reimbursement of authorized expenses incurred by those contracted by Getty Images. This policy provides guidance to contractors, when incurring, reviewing, or seeking reimbursement of business-related expenses. You should exercise good judgment when incurring expenses on behalf of Getty Images. These criteria are intended to support prudent and reasonable business choices and to comply with government guidelines. This policy is subject to change and Getty Images reserves the right to change or modify it at any time. Expense Reporting Unless otherwise agreed with Getty Images, within 10 business days of completing the Assignment, Freelancer must submit an invoice, together with receipts, to Getty Images through Concur, Getty Images’ online invoice submission platform or, upon prior mutual agreement, via an email to When expense reports are not completed in accordance with this Expense Reimbursement Policy, Getty Images may charge an expense report preparation fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or two percent (2%) of the total amount of the expense report, whichever is greater. Upon request, Freelancer will provide Getty Images with all additional documentation necessary to process payments or respond to Customers’ inquiries. Please refer to the ‘Invoice Guideline’ found here: Payment Processing Getty Images will pay Freelancer’s Shoot Fee, and reimburse Freelancer for undisputed, documented expenses, within sixty (60) days of the receipt of the foregoing invoice from Freelancer or the payment to Getty Images by the applicable Customer, whichever is later. Assignment, Cancellation, or Postponement In the event an Assignment is postponed or cancelled, Getty Images will reimburse the Freelancer for any reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the Assignment, prior to notification of such postponement or cancellation. Any expenses incurred following notice of cancellation of the Assignment will not be reimbursed. Getty Images will not be liable for any loss of fees, profit or missed opportunities resulting from the cancellation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Getty Images collects any portion of a Shoot Fee as the result of a Customer’s late notice of cancellation, Getty Images will compensate Freelancer proportionally.
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