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Applying through the app
We only accept application for photos, videos, and illustrations through Contributor by Getty Images app.

Download the app for iOS or Android
You need to be at least 18 years old to apply.


  • When you apply: You can transfer your photo application files from your desktop to your phone through file-sharing apps like Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • When you become a contributor: You can submit your photos on either the app or through desktop.


  • When you apply: You can submit video files as YouTube links through the app. We don't support Vimeo or other video platform links at this time.

  • When you become a contributor: You can submit your videos through the desktop.


  • When you apply: You can submit your illustration files as rasters through the app. You can transfer then from your desktop to your phone through file-sharing apps like Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • When you become a contributor: You can only submit your videos through the desktop.

How we choose which site you submit to
Our editors review every application for consideration on either iStock by Getty Images or Getty Images, based on where they feel your content will sell best.

The best work on is also shown on, so in most cases we offer all contributors an iStock agreement so they can maximize their reach to our customers.

Application review time
We'll do our best to get back to you within a week of submitting your application. Look for an email letting you know if you've been accepted to either Getty Images or iStock by Getty Images.

The email will have instructions for completing your enrollment and creating your username, which you can only do after you've been accepted.

If you haven't heard from us after 7 days, check your spam and junk mail folder.

Apply to become a contributor

Adding more content to your application
Once you've submitted your application, you can't add additional samples of your photos, videos, or illustrations to it.

Size requirements for application samples
Photos and vector illustrations should be in JPEG format and no larger than 3GB.

  • Minimum size: 720 x 960px, 5kb

  • Maximum size: 9000 x 9000px, 3GB

Video files should be submitted as YouTube links. We don't support Vimeo or other video platform links at this time.

Retaining copyright
You retain the copyright to all of the content you submit to us. You can only submit content where you are the copyright holder or authorized representative.

Publishing your application samples to our site
We don't share your sample photos, videos, or illustrations to our sites. If you become a contributor, you can re-submit that content to be considered for licensing.

Finding your content on our sites
As a Getty Images contributor, your content can be found on As an iStock contributor, your content will appear on but some Getty Images customers will also have access to your content through depending on their plan.

Applying as a business
If you want to use your business information for tax purposes, please use your correct full name and email address when applying. Then, if your application is approved, you can submit your business name when you enter your tax details and your account name will be automatically updated.

Applying to be an Editorial photographer
To help differentiate Getty Images in the editorial marketplace and limit duplication of coverage, our editors have a high standard and generally only offer contracts to working photojournalists.
Learn more about becoming an Editorial photographer


iStock and exclusivity
If you are invited to iStock by Getty Images, your content will be non-exclusive, which means you can submit your original work to us and to third parties like other stock sites, as well as licensing it directly yourself.
See iStock's Artist's Supply Agreement

Once you've become an active non-exclusive contributor, you can apply to become exclusive where you can earn higher royalty rates and more.

Getty Images and exclusivity
If you are invited to Getty Images, you content is exclusive, this means the original work you submit to us must be exclusive to Getty Images. You can't license accepted content (or similar content) yourself or submit to any other stock site or third party.

User and credit name

Credit lines
A credit line is the credit name that appears next to your files on Getty Images and iStock. This is the name customers will see. Most contributors choose to use their full name, nickname, or business name.

Changing your username
Unfortunately, you can't change your username once you've enrolled.

Forget username or password
Don't worry, it happens. If you forgot your username or password, we'll send you a reset link to the email associated with your account.

If you don't see the reset email in your inbox, please check your junk folder.

Retrieve your username or password

Getting Paid

iStock royalty rates
Every time someone licenses your content, we pay you a royalty. For content licensed through iStock, royalty rates start at 15% for photos and 20% for videos and illustrations. Exclusive contributors can earn between 25% and 45%.

Getty Images royalty rates
For content licensed through Getty Images, rates are 20% for royalty-free still images and 25% for royalty-free video clips.

Tax and payment information
When you are accepted and registered as a contributor for either Getty Images or iStock, you'll get a welcome email that gives you details on completing your tax and payment information so you can be paid royalties. Once set up, you'll have the choice of receiving royalties through Payoneer or PayPal in US Dollars (USD).

Licensing and releases

When a customer wants to use your content, they purchase a license that gives them legal permission to use it in their projects. it could show up on a billboard, a book cover, in a magazine article, blog post, or on a website—almost anywhere.

Royalty-free licensing
This is the most common license we offer our customers. It allows them to use your content for an unlimited amount of time in as many projects as they like, for a one-time fee.

Model and property releases
Model and property releases are required if your content has recognizable people, places, logos, and more.

You do not need to include model or property releases in your application.

Legal terms for submitting content
Here's a few things to know about becoming a contributor:

  • You grant us the right to license your content, but you'll still own the copyright

  • Your content must be your original work and not infringe on copyright, trademark, or privacy rights of others

  • You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice

  • If your image has recognizable people or private property, you need to attach a release

See iStock's Artist's Supply Agreement

See the Getty Images Contributor Agreement Fact Sheet

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Email us if you have more questions.

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