Contributor App User Guide

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Contributor by Getty Images is an in-house designed app for iOS and Android mobile devices for our Getty Images & iStock contributors. Please use this guide to become familiar with using the App.

Table of Contents
General app information
Where do I get the app
Signing into the app
How to upload
Adding metadata
Reviewing your submissions
Batch editing
Need help

General App Information

What is the Contributor by Getty Images app?
The Contributor by Getty Images app is a mobile app that allows existing Getty Images and iStock Creative Photography contributors to upload content either in response to briefs or as part of their normal submission workflow to Getty Images or iStock.

This app will replace the existing Moment by Getty Images app.

Who can use the Contributor app?
Any existing contributor of Creative Photography to Getty Images or iStock.

What does the app do?
Existing Getty Images or iStock Contributors can submit royalty-free (RF) creative photos, either in response to briefs or as part of their normal submission workflow. Content can be created on the device or transferred to the device and submitted. Contributors can also attach model or property releases to photos. Contributors can review their submissions, whether submitted on the app, via ESP or an approved third-party app.

The app does not yet support:

  • RM Creative Stills

  • Editorial Photography

  • Illustrations

  • Video Content

  • Enrolling new contributors

We have plans to continue updating the app to support more types of contributors and additional types of content.

Where do I get the app

iTunes App Store
Google Play Store

Signing into the app

You use the same account you use to sign into ESP as a Getty Images or iStock contributor.

Please note that if you are a contributor to both Getty Images and iStock, you will need to switch between the two accounts by signing out of one and signing into the other.

If you forgot your username or password, please cancel out of the sign in screen and visit the ‘forgot username or password’ links on the intro screen, or visit to request a reset.

How to upload

Once you are signed in, you’ll see two tabs, Briefs and My Submissions. From here you can begin uploading.

Tapping Briefs allows you to submit content directly to a brief.

Tapping My Submissions allows you to create a new general submission and view previous submissions (from the app, from ESP or from approved third-party apps that work with ESP). You can see the status of your submissions and view them. By selecting New Submission at the top of the page, you can submit any creative photography content that you would normally submit with other tools.

If you tap the more (three dots) at the top of the screen you’ll be able to access links to other information and help. You can also sign out from here.

Uploading to a brief

If you want to submit content to a brief, go to the Briefs tab. Tap a brief to open it.

You’ll see a sample photo, title and description of the brief along with an end date in which the brief will close.

Tap Add Photos. This will apply the correct brief ID for this submission automatically.

Uploading a general submission

To upload a general submission go to the My Submissions tab and tap the New Submission button at the top of the screen. You’ll be taken to your camera roll. Please select the image(s) you want included in your new submission and click done. You’ll see a status bar as the file(s) are uploaded.

When the upload is finished, you’ll see your photo(s) in the background with a dialog box prompting you to apply metadata. You can add metadata at a later time by selecting 'Later'. If you choose 'OK', you will add the metadata immediately. (If you choose Later you can still edit your submission in the Submissions tab.)

Adding metadata

If you choose OK, the first photo will be displayed. Type a Title and an (optional) Description. You can also update the country or date if necessary.

You will also need to Add Keywords. The keyword limits for your particular account will be displayed (most commonly Min 5 – Max 50).Click on the green Add Keywords button to begin.

You’ll be presented with a list of suggested keywords based off the title you gave the photo. To select an applicable keyword, click on the keyword and you’ll see it added to the gray bar at the top of the page.

You can also search for keywords by typing in a value in the gray bar. Results will display below. Click on the applicable keywords to add it to your photo.

After you have completed your keywording click Done and you’ll return to the photo. You’ll see the full list of keywords added to the photo.

Next is to add any applicable releases. Click on Add Releases to begin. From here, you’ll click on the green + symbol.

Name the release and hit enter. It’s best practice to name the release with something identifiable so you can re-use the same release later if needed.

Choose the release type, property or model. Model releases require the model’s date of birth (DOB).

Choose the date of birth if it's a model release and tap Confirm.

Choose a location where the release is stored, either Camera Roll or Documents. You can attach a photo of an executed paper release or a PDF. The app will upload the release to your submission. You can also pull a release from the file system on Android devices, or from a cloud service like Dropbox or iCloud on iOS.

After the release is finished uploading you can add additional releases by tapping the green + symbol. When you are finished tap Done.

The app will go to the next photo. You’ll see that the same metadata content from your first photo is duplicated. If it is applicable without change to the new photo, you can continue on to the next photo. If that photo requires revision, you can edit all the metadata (including title, description, location and keywords) as needed to accurately reflect the new photo.

Progress through the rest of your photos, editing as needed. Please keep in mind that accurate metadata and keywords are critical to customers finding your photographs on Getty Images and iStock. To learn more about keywording review our FAQs here and review our Keywording Guide.

When you have completed the metadata edits for each photo and have reached the last photo, hit Save & Finish. You’ll be asked if you want to submit all your photos now or wait until a later time. Hit Yes to submit all at once and complete your submission.

You’ll now see your submissions in a list showing Status: Submitted. Check back later on the My Submissions tab to see the status of this submission.

Reviewing your submissions

You can review all previous submissions in the My Submissions tab.

In previous submissions, you’ll see the number of photos uploaded and the number submitted. You’ll also be able to see if your photos have been reviewed and their status which can be either accepted, revision requested, or rejected.

Each submission will be color coded by their status:

  • Blue - Submitted. The submission batch has been submitted, and not yet reviewed.

  • Green – Reviewed. The submission has been reviewed. Tap on the submission to see details.

  • Yellow – Needs edits. You have not yet submitted this batch or additional metadata needs to be added.

  • Pink – Revisions. This submission needs to be revised and resubmitted.

  • Tap your submission to see the details of the submission, including revision requirements and any reasons for rejected photos, and to respond to any revisions.

    Batch Editing

    From the My Submissions screen, you can also open any unsubmitted submissions and perform batch edits for submissions with multiple photos.

    Open a submission and tap Batch Edit at the top. Select the photos you want to work on and hit Next. From there, follow the same steps as above to edit the photos within the Submission.

    Need help

    Have questions? Please review our Contributor App FAQs, and our general Help FAQs. Contact us if you still have any questions.

    For specific technical problems using the Contributor app, please choose the I have a technical problem > with the app when you create your support ticket so that we can respond to your feedback more efficiently.
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