iStock Exclusivity

Why become Exclusive?
Getty Images and iStock believe in the power of imagery to move hearts, minds, and opinions. To drive change. We want to work with Exclusive Contributors who create authentic, creative, and diverse content that helps our global clients tell their unique stories.

As an Exclusive Contributor, you are impassioned to create imagery that empowers your subjects as well as those viewing your content.

Along with being part of a community of contributors who deliver standout visual content, we offer a number of rewards and benefits available only to Exclusive Contributors.

  • Portfolio Review
  • Access to the Contributor Toolbox
  • Creative Resources
  • Shoot Briefs
  • Custom Content briefs
  • Higher royalty rates
  • Faster inspection times
  • Access to a vibrant social community

We have introduced a new Exclusive application process which no longer requires a minimum number of downloads or an acceptance ratio. Each application will be subject to editor review and must meet the conditions of the Exclusive ASA.

You can be Exclusive for one or more content types. For example, you can be an Exclusive photographer but a non-exclusive illustrator.

Being Exclusive means that, for the file type(s) that you are Exclusive for, you agree that you cannot license any of that type of content in a royalty-free model elsewhere. So, for example, if you are Exclusive for Photos, you can’t license any Photos with a competitor under the royalty-free model, even images that you’ve never submitted to iStock.

You can still produce content in a work for hire or rights-managed manner. For more details, please see the Exclusive Artist Supply Agreement.

We want to make sure we have unique content that our customers can license only from Getty Images and we know that it comes from our Exclusive contributors.

Please note, any content you submitted to us while non-exclusive will not change collection.

Join our Exclusive iStock community on Facebook and meet like-minded creatives from around the world.

To become an Exclusive contributor, apply by clicking below to open an application ticket. In the ticket, select “My Agreement” from the first menu and then choose the appropriate file type from the second menu.

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