iStock Rate Card, effective January 1, 2020

The Royalty Rate charts below explains what you earn as a contributor when your files are licensed.
These royalty rates apply to licenses of your files made through credits or subscription on, depending on whether you are Exclusive or non-exclusive:
File typeNon-
Exclusive rates
and Download Targets needed to reach them

Contributors typically sign to iStock as non-exclusive. Your Downloads do not impact your royalty rate if you are a non-exclusive contributor. Find out more about exclusivity.

For Exclusive contributors, royalty rates for are determined by the number of paid downloads (“Downloads”) of a contributor’s content by file type, beginning with the default levels above.

If you reach a higher Download Target you will receive the corresponding higher royalty rate on new licenses in the following month. You can only move up during the year, but the Download total you end the year on determines your starting royalty rate for the next calendar year, so your starting rate can move up or down.

On January 01, each year, every contributor’s Download total is reset to zero. We may change the Download Target levels annually and will give notice prior to the start of the applicable year.

Downloads are counted across all iStock and Getty Images sales channels (excluding the Fixed Fee Usage product type and all transactions on the Connect statement). All Downloads of Signature Plus files through and will count as two Downloads rather than one toward the Download Targets. and other platforms
These royalty rates apply to licenses of your files from and all other sources except, including but not limited to: Getty Images, Partner Portal,, etc.
Non-exclusive rate15%15%20%
Exclusive rate20%20%25%

How We Calculate Royalties
For files licensed using credits on, the contributor’s royalty rate is applied to the net price of credits used to license a file. Credit prices vary depending on when they were purchased (as our prices change over time) and how many were purchased at once (as we discount bulk packages).

For files licensed using a subscription on, the royalty rate is applied to the price per file. Subscription licenses have a minimum customer price per file applied, so you will always get your royalty rate on every subscription download at or above these minimums:

You earn your royalty percentage of the minimum customer price per file below
CollectionNon-exclusive ($)Exclusive ($)
Essentials or Signature collection 0.100.75
Signature+ collection0.104.15

The price per file is determined at the end of each subscription month (which is specific to each subscription and may not be the end of the calendar month) by dividing the monthly price for that subscription by the number of downloads against that subscription.

For files licensed through all other platforms, the contributor’s royalty rate is applied to the License Fees (as defined in your Artist Supply Agreement).

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