(9-Dec-16) Important Update: Upload Portal Retirement on Jan 8 2017

The existing Upload Portal ( upload.gettyimages.com) will be shut down on January 8, 2017 and a new platform we call ESP will be made available.

We previously announced a delay in the retirement of the Upload Portal and migration to ESP, the changeover to ESP will now occur on January 9, 2017. Please see below how these important changes will impact you.

ESP is currently available for other parts of the business and will replace the current submission workflow in the Upload Portal ( upload.gettyimages.com) on January 9, 2017.

ESP will greatly simplify the process for submitting your content; you’ll see the following improvements:

  • Ability to revise content within the submission if asked, no more reject and resubmit

  • Fast uploads throughout the world

  • Ability to upload via Dropbox

  • Easy to track submission status — what you see is what your editor sees

  • Easily view your accepted content on gettyimages.com

  • View stats on the number of views an image or clip has received

  • Upload metadata via a CSV file if you have been managing content in other tools like Lightroom or Photo Mechanic

  • Predictive text for keywords to help with spelling and verifying accuracy

  • Upload all of your content – video and stills – on one platform

Additionally, ESP has integrated support for Account Management, where you will be able to access your royalties, update your account details and contact us.

Next Steps?

  1. Complete your current submissions: As of January 9, 2016, we will no longer accept new submissions through the Upload Portal (upload.gettyimages.com), so please be sure to finish and submit any outstanding work by January 8th at the latest. We will complete edits of all submission batches made prior to January 9, 2017. If you’ve been asked to resubmit content for reason, you can simply do so in ESP.

  2. Save submission history, if needed: Your previous submission history in the Upload Portal will not migrate to ESP, please be sure to save any submission history data that you may want to reference. As always the best and most accurate way to view the material we represent, is to perform a photographer search on gettyimages.com as outlined here.

  3. Check your email: In early January we'll be sending out invites to ESP – you’ll receive an email from espstillshelp@gettyimages.com with a unique link to set up your account on ESP and start submitting. You may want to add this address to your contacts so this email is not mistaken as spam. If you already use ESP for video, your account will be updated so you can submit creative stills and you will not receive an invite. Please note, you may have access to both the old upload portal and ESP for a brief period of time, but we encourage you to start using ESP for your submissions as soon as you receive your invitation.<\li>

Best wishes,
Getty Images