(26-May-16) Technology changes – Unification project

Wednesday May 25, 2016
There is a project underway at Getty Images which we want to let you know about.

Unification overview
We’re investing to move Getty Images and iStock back end systems to a single technology platform. The key benefits of Unification are:
- Common, more robust, stable and faster technologies
- Better ability to apply innovations across all sites and products in response to market opportunities
- Enabling our customers and sales teams to more easily transact and manage across both iStock and Getty images websites
- Shared contributor systems where improvements benefit all contributors

Collectively, these benefits will allow us to accelerate current growth and make it easier for customers and contributors to work with Getty Images.

Unification does not impact our customer-facing websites. Gettyimages.com and iStockphoto.com will continue to be separate customer websites, fulfilling distinct needs.

How Unification impacts contributors
Unification may affect parts of how you work with us, because it touches almost all of our systems, including content upload, statistics and royalties. We will contact you in the coming months when specific changes affect you directly, but we’re sharing the background now so you’ll understand those changes in context.

Moving to a single submission platform for photo, illustration & video
As a first step in the Unification project, we will move to a single submission platform called ‘ESP’. Most contributors to Editorial collections, Video collections, Moment Creative collections and those who have recently joined us from Corbis are already using ESP.

Toward the end of the year, we plan to transition iStock and Getty Images House contributors to ESP, which also will support DeepMeta and qHero (you’ll still need a Getty Images contract to submit to Getty Images and an iStock contract to submit to iStock). We’ll share more details as soon as we can.

Next steps
Many of our systems are interlinked and we’re still working out numerous specifics and timings, but as you can see we are committed to giving you as much insight into our future plans as possible.

In summary, Unification is an investment that will result in Getty Images being able to work more efficiently in a way that will benefit you, our staff and our customers.