(9-Dec-15) Announcing ESP, a new submission platform for Moment contributors!

Wednesday December 9, 2015
We recently rolled out our new upload submission platform called ESP (Enterprise Submission Platform) – www.espaws.com, replacing the current Moment submission workflow in the Moment Portal (contribute.gettyimages.com).

ESP will greatly simplify the process for submitting your images to Getty Images and includes the following improvements:

- Upload more than one file at a time with the ability to bulk edit metadata
- 7-location optimized browser upload to unsure fast uploads throughout the world
- Ability to upload via Dropbox
- Easy to track the status of your submission — what you see is what your editor sees
- See what content is being published and be able to edit content that requires a revision (rather than having to re-submit)
- Links directly to your content on gettyimages.com
- Feedback on the number of views an asset has received on gettyimages.com
- Upload metadata via a CSV file if you have been managing content in other tools like Lightroom or Photo Mechanic
- Use it on your mobile device—upload photos, check status, edit metadata on phones and tablets
- Type ahead for keywords to help with spelling and verifying correctness

How do I start using ESP?
If you have just signed with us, you will receive an invitation to ESP within approximately 5 days of signing. This invite will contain a unique link to create your account and instructions to get started with using ESP. You will be prompted to create a new account specifically for ESP.

If you are an existing contributor and haven’t received an invitation to ESP, please email ESPstillshelp@gettyimages.com and we’ll get you set up right way.

You’ll continue to access the Moment Portal (contribute.gettyimages.com) to view your royalty statements, access Account Management to update your contact and payment details or to contact us.

All submissions made to Moment Portal (contribute.gettyimages.com) will be processed, please do not resubmit any images submitted to the Moment Portal to ESP.

We’ve created a Quick Guide and a Video Tutorial to get you started with ESP. Our User Guide provide more detailed step-by-step instruction to using ESP including how to use metadata templates.

If you have any problems with setting up your account or have questions about ESP, please email the ESP Help team at ESPstillshelp@gettyimages.com.