(23-Apr-14) Pinterest Update: Over 2 Milllion Pinned Images Credited and Linked so far!

Wednesday April 23, 2014

We are happy to report that we have begun to match attribution and links to licensing to Getty Images photos that have been posted to Pinterest. As a result of our first Pinterest url analysis, attribution has been restored to over 2 million pinned images so far. Pinterest users can readily see the creator of the image and can link to the image detail on our site for licensing if they have a commercial use in mind.

Finally images are being credited and we are in a better position to be able to benefit from images shared on Pinterest. To start, we are seeing the first royalties from metadata fees coming through on statements. As we mentioned in our original Pinterest announcement below, this is just the first step in a much larger effort to turn the tide with respect to shared (often orphaned) images online.

New images are pinned on a daily basis so linking and matching attribution to images on Pinterest is an ongoing process. The traffic on Pinterest is enormous so while this is just a first step, it is a very important one. Check out the live site to see the links in action.

Your March 2014 royalty statement you received last week may have Pinterest transactions. These transactions will be easily identifiable on your statements: the "Customer Name" column will read "Pinterest / Portal."

We are working on getting the "Rights Usage" category "Metadata" added to the system, but for the moment it shows as "Web -- Social Media" although these are not image licenses, they are metadata fees.

We will report Pinterest transactions to you as Pinterest reports them to us.

Getty Images uses our Connect API to provide the metadata, so going forward these licenses will be reported on the Connect txt file rather than the standard txt file on the export tab .

(25-Oct-13) Getty Images Partners with Pinterest!

There are a few reasons why we are excited to tell you about Getty Images new partnership with Pinterest. Some of you may be using Pinterest to promote your photography business or for personal projects. In just a few short years, Pinterest has reached more than 53 million unique visitors a month according to ComScore. For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a social network that allows users to create theme-based image collections or virtual pin boards. Users upload or "pin", images of things that interest them or that relate to their hobbies, projects, recipes, redecorating ideas -- you name it.

Our Pinterest partnership breaks new ground in terms of applying technology we've been investing in to realize a whole new revenue stream. How? In a word -- metadata. Starting with exclusive Getty Images house content we will be retrieving the metadata for our images pinned to Pinterest's site by their users, then associating the metadata with the relevant image file on Pinterest. In the process, Pinterest is able to leverage that same metadata to provide new features and a more robust experience for their users. We plan to expand this program in the future to include iStock exclusive content and other exclusive collections, gradually increasing the number of images on Pinterest that carry metadata and attribution.

How does the metadata find the right file and vice-versa?

That's where our PicScout Platform enters the picture. Most of you are familiar with PicScout's unique fingerprinting technology and image registry which allows us to identify our images by crawling the web for a match. In recent contributor communications we also alluded to new PicScout technology that will do much more than that. It is early and still evolving, but now we can finally show you a significant example of this technology in practical use and the benefits of partnerships like this one with Pinterest.

Here are some of the nuts and bolts of how we will work with Pinterest:

Images shared on Pinterest will be matched against the PicScout Platform registry to identify exclusive Getty Images house content. We will then provide the metadata to Pinterest for the identified images via our Connect API provided they are not pinned in the context of a licensed use (e.g. magazine cover). Identified, stand-alone content will be associated with the proper metadata, including photo credits and image numbers. In addition, we'll work with Pinterest to make sure that your images get proper attribution and include a path back to our websites, where your content can be licensed. We're working out the details on implementation of the partnership.

Pinterest will pay Getty Images metadata fees, which Getty Images will share with contributors in line with our standard agreements. While these fees are small, associating and monetizing metadata is just the next step in the evolution of our PicScout image recognition technology and our API, Connect -- and their practical uses.

In summary, Pinterest is only one of the many online services that are changing the way information is distributed and consumed. Our agreement with them is a first step toward realizing the opportunities that these services, and the Internet as a whole, present. We hope this deal is the first step in a partnership that will create new opportunities for Getty Images, its contributors and Pinterest. Ensuring metadata is connected to your images is a benefit we have been focused on bringing to you and our customers for some time. With hundreds of millions of pins per month, Pinterest is one of the 3 largest social networks alongside Facebook and Twitter. We are thrilled to be entering into this partnership and excited to be showing you the potential that our Connect and PicScout Platform APIs are bringing to bear.

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