New Rules for photographing Minors in Brazil

Thursday June 12, 2014
Hiring Brazilian Minors for Shoots in Brazil?
A New Regulation is in Effect Now!

We have recently learned that, in accordance with a new Brazilian law to protect working conditions for children, a labor court authorization is required prior to the participation of Brazilian minors (under 16 years old) in any shoots taking place in Brazil.

This authorization form must be obtained through a request to the Brazilian Labor Court, and must include parental authorization and the minor's identification document among other documentation that may be required. Effective immediately, you must submit a copy of the authorization to us in connection with any submission you make of this content. Remember, it is your responsibility to obtain this authorization before hiring a Brazilian minor for a shoot in Brazil and to submit a copy to us with your submission. You can upload it as a part of the model release image file.

This link to a publicly available source in Brazil (not related to Getty Images) has more specific information including the text of the regulation.

A new release for use in Brazil containing language about the required documentation is on our main Releases page. For any other updates as we get them, please continue to check this article, and the forum. (Again, the current release is still acceptable as long as it is accompanied by the proper documentation from the Brazilian Labor Court, but from here on the new release should be used, along with the new required form.)