(20-Jun-12) Yahoo! taps into Connect-monetizing image views

Wednesday June 20, 2012
We introduced our API product, Connect by Getty Images to you last week and explained that the ways customers can use Connect are as varied as customers themselves. We are thrilled to announce the soft-launch of an exciting new Connect deal between Getty Images and Yahoo! that will for the first time, create incremental revenue each time your image is viewed and clicked on a page that contains advertising. We want to explain how Yahoo! is adding value to their search platform by embedding our content, metadata and search functionality into Yahoo! search thanks to Connect, and how Getty Images and its contributors are now poised to benefit from Yahoo!'s significant traffic. We are now live!

Here's how it works

Let's say someone wants to search for high quality (HQ) images of a celebrity for example-- they will do an HQ filtered search which will bring them to a gallery of relevant images. Getty Images content will be surfacing in increasing numbers as we move through the ramping-up phase with Yahoo. Example 1 below shows the result of an initial search for high-quality images of Natalie Portman on Yahoo:

Example 1:

Below in Example 2, hovering over the image with the cursor will reveal our watermarked image with caption where applicable along with contributor credit and collection name.

Example 2:

When the user clicks the image to enlarge it they are taken to the slide show view; Example 3 below, which retains the contributor credit, collection and watermark and now appears with random advertising placement in the margin of the page. The user's action of clicking the image to enlarge it will trigger a payment to us that is, in turn, shared with you- and we're pretty excited about this! Your images have always been able to be viewed in this way, but we've never been able to monetise this "usage" on your behalf until we developed Connect.

Example 3:

Also in development is a "License Image" button that will appear next to the credit and collection name, which will direct the user to the relevant image detail screen on gettyimages.com in case they are looking to purchase a license for use. In the meantime a link to the general Getty Images search will appear on the pages as well.

For this particular audience we believe this licensing button may be a secondary feature in terms of the overall benefit, but we will be watching the results closely.

The Content

We will make all of our content available for this initiative however we predict that in this application a majority of the activity will involve arts and entertainment, sports, science, beauty, travel and automotive imagery.

The Ads

The ads are not part of the image or vice versa. And the advertisement need not be clicked to trigger revenue share--any time the image is viewed along with the ad on the page the fee is triggered. Initially, no ads will be included as sales ramps us to sell against a live experience. Our goal is to start serving customer ads in the next month or two.

To start, Yahoo! will be selling targeted advertising in the possible formats:

- Sponsored slide shows
- Advertising interspersed in slide shows
- Advertising below the slide show images


Getty Images will receive a percentage of ad revenue generated from views of our content.
We will pay your percentage on that amount according to views of your images specifically (Yahoo! will report on the image level). The amounts individually will be quite small; however, until now we have received nothing for views!

Your activity will be aggregated to a single line item showing your total share in the revenue for that period from Yahoo!. Let's say we had a similar deal with another company--you would see 2 aggregated line items, one for each customer.


Ad Placement> Remember this project requires time to ramp up. Yahoo! will serve ads as they see how users interact with the product which will inform the approach to selling ads so there is a learning curve. We will be delivering the content to Yahoo over time as well.

Royalties> you should expect to see your first page-views report from Yahoo in about 6 months. We're developing our joint reporting tools and as soon as they are ready, you'll see the first several month's activity and then seen reports monthly thereafter.

The concept with the Yahoo! Connect deal is to embed our content within Yahoo! search and share advertising revenue generated from image views and potentially purchases generated by Yahoo! users. As with any incremental revenue it is always a question of whether or not the incremental revenue will add up to something worthwhile. Well that is yet to be seen however we think it will and here's why:

Yahoo! generates big traffic.
- 60-70% traffic coming from the Yahoo! Front Page
- 25 million page views/day, 1.5 million users/day, 40 million page views/day worldwide
- Present in 40 Markets; leader in a few, clear second in others

Why is Yahoo! interested in our content, metadata and search?

- They see 14 times more pages views per user and per day with images

There's no crystal ball but we are poised to innovate in ways that will adapt to what our customers need, creating new ways to leverage the value that images add in today's technology-driven environment. Sharing revenue from page views is only one small part of how Connect adds value to [non-Getty Images] high-traffic platforms that until now, we had no access to in any direct or meaningful way. There are countless other ways Connect will help us make our customers' products and services better and in turn, drive revenue for your content. Stay tuned for other innovative Connect programs.

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