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Contributor FAQ

I’ve come to the end of the tax interview but the submit button is not active or I don’t see a button to submit

There are two common reasons why you don’t see the submit button. Is the form fully completed? Make sure you have correctly checked each applicable box The name and email address you provide must match exactly what you provided during enrollment. You can see the name and email you provided on your …

What does “Capacity in which acting” mean?

It is the role by which you identify yourself for tax puposes. Examples of different acting capacities include, but are not limited to; CEO, CFO, Individual, Owner, Partner. Please enter whichever capacity is most applicable to you. If you are unsure of the capacity in which you are acting please contact your tax professional.

What tax forms can I expect to receive?

U.S. taxpayers who have received payments from Getty Images (U.S), Inc. will receive U.S. 1099 forms by the end of January, available electronically in Account Management under Tax statements and by mail if you have not opted for …

How do I signup for electronic tax statements?