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Before submitting your images for review you'll want to find out more about our collections. Getty Images has several House Collections which you may be offered the opportunity to submit to should your imagery meet their creative direction. There are also a number of Placement Fee Collections to which many of our photographers currently submit and are the most likely place we'll offer to license your images.

Remember, we'll review your initial submission free of charge and let you know where we think your images will fit best. Then it's up to you to decide if you'd like to enter into a licensing agreement with us.

What are House Collections?
The imagery in House Collections is reviewed by Getty Images to ensure that only images which meet the current creative direction of each Collection are accepted. Photographers are asked to self-edit their work, and receive different levels of creative support depending on the imagery they produce. There is no placement fee for images accepted into House Collections, which include: Stone, Stone+, Photonica, Taxi, The Image Bank, Riser, Digital Vision, Photodisc and Stockbyte.

What are the Photographer's Choice Placement Fee Collections?
The Photographer's Choice collections - rights-managed, rights-ready and royalty-free - allow photographers to license their choice of imagery on, the world's most successful imagery platform.

Photographer's Choice is just that - your own personal choice. It features imagery which photographers feel is saleable, but which fits a personal creative direction outside that of our other collections. As long as your images meet our standard Submission Requirements you get to bypass our normal creative editing criteria and, in return for a placement fee of US$50 per image, choose which pictures you want us to license on your behalf.

There is no limit to the number of images that you can submit to Photographer's Choice. In addition, for every image we accept we'll invite you to submit another image for free after its first license. At the end of each quarter we review any Photographer's Choice images uploaded since October 1, 2007 that have been licensed for their first time. For each image that has, we'll invite you to submit another one for free during the next quarter.

How are all of the collections marketed?
All collections have their own landing page on, and are searchable by keywords or photographers' names. Additionally, all images are included in the site's regular cross-collection search results.

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