Getty Images policy on unauthorized use (updated)

Getty Images considers the subject of copyright protection of the utmost importance and has an active program utilising a range of measures to deal with the issue.

We are committed to continuing to do all that we can to enforce copyright laws and ensure that both our company and our photographers and filmmakers are compensated for their work.

Getty Images has established a partnership with PicScout which enhances the monitoring and protection of Getty Images collections on the Internet and in over 2,000 magazines throughout Europe and North America. The Image Tracker� Service enables Getty Images to monitor who is using their images and locate unauthorized uses.

The Image Tracker Service is the market standard for monitoring visual assets. The service applies some of the most sophisticated crawling and image recognition technology in the world, and is capable of detecting images even if they have been altered or distorted.

We also employ a team who are dedicated to ensuring worldwide copyright compliance. Their sole task is to protect copyright by tracking and pursuing copyright infringements on behalf of the company and our contributors.

When we find infringements, our experience shows that they are often unintentional. Our policy, therefore is - once the infringement has been settled to our satisfaction - to turn infringements into licenses, and infringers into customers. The process we use focuses on education, informing the client about what copyright is and where they went wrong. Our aim is to avoid legal action but we will not hesitate to use it when the need arises.

We welcome and encourage any individual or organisation with information about suspected infringements to contact us and we will deal with it in the strictest of confidence.

If you have a working relationship with Getty Images, we recommend contacting your Photographer & Filmmaker Services contact.