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2. What are our technical requirements?

Wednesday April 27, 2011
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To successfully submit your images to us for review take a look at the following technical requirements.

•  Images should be relevant to a creative, commercial stock photography collection – so subjects like news events, product photography, etc should not be included.
•  Any images featuring recognizable people require model releases. That includes celebrities, sports figures, politicians, etc. The only exception is where we define images as being suitable for the editorial travel market, but this doesn’t include street photography or editorial work.
•  Private property or copyrighted artworks require a property release. That includes offices, stores, private homes, paintings, photos, sculpture and other artwork, unless you can get a release from the owner or creator.
•  For 35mm digital capture, we strongly recommend use of a professional-quality digital SLR using RAW or uncompressed TIFF format. Most compact "point-and-shoot" and consumer-level cameras do not produce images of the level of quality our customers demand, and would not be suitable for submission.

3. Which collections would your work suit?

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