Submission Requirements

In order to successfully submit images to us for review you’ll need to carefully read and understand the important information outlined in our Submission Requirements document which you can download by clicking here. Outlined below are the main points which you can use as a quick guide to submitting your images.

Submission requirements Ethe main points
  • We will only accept JPEG images which have been converted from uncompressed 47.5-52 MB TIFF files, (flattened, with no layers, paths or channels) - 24 bit RGB Color, 8 bits per channel (8 bit file).
  • For 35mm digital capture, we strongly recommend use of a professional-quality digital SLR using RAW or uncompressed TIFF format. Most compact "point-and-shoot" and consumer-level cameras do not produce images of the level of quality our customers demand, and would not be suitable for submission to Getty Images.
  • All isolated visible logos must be removed via retouching prior to submission, as must dust, hair, scratches etc.
  • Model and Property releases are required with all images where relevant and must be supplied in digital format. To download copies of our releases please click here .
  • Metadata (also known as captioning) must also be supplied to us digitally in IPTC, XMP, Excel or Text File formats.
  • We only accept digital files from scanned film if they have been drum scanned by a professional scanning house or scanned using the approved desk top film scanners from the following list: Imacon 949, 848, 646, 343; Fuji Lanovia Quattro and Finescan; Creo Eversmart Supreme 11, Eversmart Select 11, IQsmart 1,2,3

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